Soy Carlos Mejía

Better known as “The Fashion Guru”, for his work in the media as an expert in fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. He also graduated from the University of Miami with a master’s degree in documentary journalism in film, television and video.

In my experience traveling around the world, meeting brands and designers not only in the fashion circuits but also in the commercial arena due to my work as a fashion critic for major media outlets such as CNN and the most influential editorial titles in the industry.


As a brand consultant and celebrity fashion stylist I could see the great chasm that exists between designers, who are great creatives with great talent and the commercial reality. As they focus most of their interest on creation and not on sustaining the business, so in my recurring visits to these fashion events and different countries and cities season after season I realised the disappearance in many of them. I felt a sense of powerlessness because I saw the great potential beyond the socio-economic impact that could generate these brands in their locations using fashion as an agent of economic change, but this was not happening, I increasingly saw how brands succumbed to lack of business knowledge, because fashion has a pace and a way of business very different from other industries. Here we can see unusual business models in reference to many industries, very ephemeral times for products, very diverse distribution channels and production systems that can become complex and costly if we do not know how to manage them. Then the challenge of converting a piece of clothing or skin cream, a shoe or any piece of jewellery into a product that can reach the standard to be marketed.

I have helped brands successfully impact the demanding fashion and beauty market in the United States and the rest of the world, turning them into global brands.

He also graduated from the University of Miami with a master’s degree in documentary journalism in film, television and video. The Guru as a “fashionista” and entertainment reporter was on Escándalo TV Show, Telefutura Networks and fashion special reports for UNIVISION.COM.

Mejía has been a global fashion and entertainment contributor for CNN en Español and writes for several publications in the United States and Latin America. He also runs the famous fashion studio El Fashion Guru, which has an “A” client list.



As you have seen in


I will help you improve or create your brand, we will define your business model as well as discover your target audience, and how you will reach them.

I will support you in building your brand DNA and review the effectiveness of your branding strategy. We will evaluate pricing strategies, production processes, procurement of inputs, etc. We will work on protecting your business with all the necessary legal elements (Trade Mark, Copyright, contracts, licensing) and we will create a dynamic work flow chart. By means of a calendar, we will monitor the production processes and sales objectives in order to meet your needs and achieve tangible results.

We will manage, optimise and open all possible distribution channels for your products. We will create a strategic plan where, through a market study, we will be able to build general objectives and, based on your needs and taking into account your resources, we will project the necessary sales to achieve the break-even point of your business. From there we will make your business self-sustainable and scalable!

I will take you from any stage to generate sales and business opportunities by achieving the maximum potential of your brand. You and I will turn your fashion business into an absolutely profitable model! All this will be possible thanks to my 17 years of experience working with brands in the fashion and beauty sector. Are you ready to start?


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