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We turn your brand into a commercial success, quick and easy sales without wasting money.


I advise brands in the fashion and beauty industry to market their products or services in the United States and throughout the region. During my 17 years of work, I have managed to increase the profitability of multiple brands, by as much as 700%.

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I have created a foolproof method to make your brand of fashion or beauty products a commercial success.

Getting your business to break even in record time. I take you by the hand throughout the process and show you that selling is the easy part.

No matter what stage your brand is at, with my advice you can take it to the next level and achieve success in the sale of your products and services without wasting time, money and resources

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I will help you improve or create your brand, we will define your business model as well as discover your target audience, and how you will reach them.

I will support you in building your brand DNA and review the effectiveness of your branding strategy. We will evaluate pricing strategies, production processes, procurement of inputs, etc. We will work on protecting your business with all the necessary legal elements (Trade Mark, Copyright, contracts, licensing) and we will create a dynamic work flow chart. By means of a calendar, we will monitor the production processes and sales objectives in order to meet your needs and achieve tangible results.

We will manage, optimise and open all possible distribution channels for your products. We will create a strategic plan where, through a market study, we will be able to build general objectives and, based on your needs and taking into account your resources, we will project the necessary sales to achieve the break-even point of your business. From there we will make your business self-sustainable and scalable!

I will take you from any stage to generate sales and business opportunities by achieving the maximum potential of your brand. You and I will turn your fashion business into an absolutely profitable model! All this will be possible thanks to my 17 years of experience working with brands in the fashion and beauty sector. Are you ready to start?

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